5 Best AI Apps For Deepfakes in 2023

1. Deepswap  —  Deepfakes Online

Although Deepswap is a rather straightforward tool, that is not what makes it so appealing. 

2. FaceMagic  —  Deepfakes App

If you want to produce amazing deep fakes but are always on the go, 

SwapStream  —  Deepfakes for Streamers

This deepfake web application allows you to stream straight to pretty much every streaming platform you can imagine while producing deepfakes in real time. 

DeepFakesWeb —  Deepfakes on the Web

An online deepfake generator called DeepFakesWeb works without downloading anything. 

FaceHub —     Deepfakes Generator

For those seeking for a free deepfake generator, FaceHub is an excellent choice.