Adam Sandler's 'The Cobbler': A Creepy Attempt at Magic

Adam Sandler portrays "The Cobbler"'s main character in Tom McCarthy's film.

The cobbler who can magically transform into anyone whose shoes he fixes is the main character of the movie's plot.

The movie is frequently criticized for its eerie undertones despite its efforts at charm and whimsy.

The unsettling repercussions of the main character using his abilities to deceive and manipulate people have been mentioned by several reviewers.

Although critics have lauded Sandler's performance, they contend that it is insufficient to fix the movie's many problems.

When "The Cobbler" was released in 2014, both reviewers and viewers gave it largely unfavorable reviews.

Despite its limitations, some viewers who value the movie's distinctive approach to the magical realism genre have made it part of their cult.

Overall, "The Cobbler" is a divisive movie that either charms or terrifies viewers.

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