Elliot Page Regrets Homophobic Joke in 'Juno' Movie

Elliot Page, an actor, has apologized for a homophobic joke that appeared in the movie "Juno" from 2007.

In the movie, Page's persona remarks that the "hamburger phone" is "so gay."

The remark, according to Page, who has come out as transgender, was "wrong and hurtful."

The remark caused controversy at the time and has subsequently come under fire for feeding negative preconceptions.

Page promised not to make that sort of joke in the future and expressed the desire to utilize his position to advance inclusion and acceptance.

Page also discussed his personal voyage of self-discovery and his impending coming-out as a transgender person in 2020.

The actor has been a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and has utilized his position to spread knowledge of and sympathy for the group.

The debate around the "Juno" joke serves as a reminder of the continuous need for more diversity and inclusiveness in the media.

The remarks made by Page serve as a reminder of the need of using language sensibly and respectfully.