First Look: Blake Lively's Stunning Transformation in 'It Ends With Us' Film

In the forthcoming movie "It Ends With Us," Blake Lively transforms into the fiery-haired Lily Bloom in an incredible way.

Exclusive behind-the-scenes images show Lively's enthralling performance as the role.

The bestselling Colleen Hoover novel of the same name served as the inspiration for the movie adaptation.

Fans of the book will find Lively's makeover interesting as it perfectly captures Lily Bloom's character.

The images give a sense of the aesthetically appealing environment that was developed for the movie.

It's believed that Lively's interpretation of the iconic figure would give him or her depth and heart.

Fans who are anxious to see the narrative come to life on the big screen are excited about the adaptation.

Curiosity is piqued by the images' hints of the characters' chemistry and dynamics.

Find out Lily Bloom's enthralling story in "It Ends With Us," a movie that aims to engage and move viewers. Blake Lively plays Lily Bloom in the movie.

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