Nudie Cohn: The Man Behind the Legendary Cowboy Suits

Designer Nudie Cohn, who was born in Ukraine, rose to fame for producing lavish western wear for country music royalty.

Before relocating to Hollywood and starting his own business there in 1947, Cohn began his career as a tailor in New York.

When Cohn created a suit for singing cowboy Roy Rogers that had a white horse and a wagon wheel embroidered on the back, he got his big break.

Other country music luminaries like Gram Parsons, Hank Williams Sr., and Porter Wagoner joined Cohn's clientele over time.

The suits often had individualized designs that expressed the wearer's personality and interests, and they were decorated with intricate embroidery, rhinestones, and fringe.

Rock musicians like Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones used Cohn's suits, which had an impact on fashion outside of the country music industry.

Vintage suits from Cohn's line are now prized collectibles, fetching prices in the tens of thousands.

Despite his prosperity, Cohn was recognized for his kindness and philanthropy and never lost sight of his modest roots.