"Russia's Lunar Dream Crushed: Chandrayaan-3 Shines"

The first mission to the moon, "Russia's Lunar Dream Shattered: Fails Miserably."

As Russia's lunar mission suffers a tragic setback, hope wanes.

"India's Chandrayaan-3 is currently the only competitor in the race to the moon."

"The world is in disbelief as Russia's moon ambitions falter."

The loss of this mission has a devastating twist for Russia's space legacy.

"The hopes of lunar exploration are now carried by Chandrayaan-3 alone."

The race to the moon's surface "unfolds as a tale of triumph and tragedy."

"A gloomy reminder of the difficulties space exploration poses."

The mission to the moon of Chandrayaan-3 becomes more significant when Russia withdraws.

"Tragedy Strikes: Russia's Lunar Dream Crashes, Leaving India's Chandrayaan-3 in Sole Moon Race!"